Mission Statement


Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help independent missionary and nonprofit groups raise funds for specific needs while connecting businesses, churches, and the community with these groups into one needed conversation.

The Purpose:

  • Provide for missionary and nonprofit groups in a tangible way through raising funds and providing for a need.
  • Connect missionary and nonprofit groups with businesses, churches and the larger community into long term partnerships.
  • Raise awareness for the people these groups help.

Our Values:

  • We do this to serve. We serve the people who work at the nonprofits, the people helped by the nonprofits, and each other.
  • We do this to grow. Working with Need by Need should help us grow, in a professional, personal, and/or spiritual way.
  • We only do meaningful work. We don’t do busy work. We are volunteer based and every minute devoted to Need by Need is a minute that could have been spent elsewhere. We invest our time carefully.
  • We use the money that has been entrusted to us wisely. It’s not our money so we don’t waste it. Our donors have entrusted us with their money to do the most good we can with it. We will account for every penny we spend.
  • We are storytellers. We tell stories of how the nonprofits we help serve their constituents and communities, how we have helped these nonprofits, and our daily work with Need by Need. We always have our eyes open for these stories.
  • We are networkers. We connect nonprofits, churches, businesses, and the community together. We are actively aware of these connections and how we can leverage the connections in our own lives to help those we serve.
  • We build lasting relationships. Even after our work with the nonprofits, businesses, churches, and individuals to fulfill a need is finished, we keep these relationships going. They are important and worth cultivating in the long run.
  • We are Christ-centered. We help others because Christ first served and sacrificed for us. He gives us grace, compassion, mercy, and love in abundance to show to others through our work with Need by Need and in our daily lives.